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Oct. 23rd, 2011 | 12:19 pm

As you can imagine, i no longer use this blog. I hope that all people on my friends list are doing well these days. I hope that I can keep in
touch with all of you who want to keep in touch with me, and I'll miss having your blogs to peruse on here.

if you would like to keep up with what I'm up to on a given day, I'm building my own website right now that is more tied into my art, but is backposting posts from here, and also putting a slice of my life out there as I do all the crazy shit I've been doing. Keep an eye on it for links to my albums I've been recording, the book I'm writing, my art and adventures, and links to all kinds of free crap that's worth looking into.

The link is


If you have a Google+ or Facebook profile and I haven't already friended you, leave a message and I'll find you. I'd rather G+, as I'm trying to get away from faceboook, but I'm not deleting anything.

Take care everybody.

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Ken Smith Collected Music

Dec. 5th, 2010 | 09:40 pm

My friend Ken died in January 2007, and when i found out, I made a promise that I would collect all of the music he ever made by contacting all of his friends and collaborators online. I finished this project finally, and uploaded all of the albums that came of it.

 Its a huge swath of music, and its all free since he can't benefit from it. Its a dozen types of techno, most specifically hardcore techno, though some triphop, downtempo, and more mainstream styled electronica.

 So please enjoy. Spread it and share it with anyone you know. It would mean a lot to him. If you don't like the stuff then i'm sorry i wasted your time, but tell anyone you think might enjoy it.


Individual CDs

Angerstatic & Johnny Deadman

Brainwhacker - OMG NO TITLE
Brainwhacker - DJ NIFTY
Brainwhacker - NEEJAY DIFTY
Brainwhacker - Highlights Of Lowlives
Brainwhacker - Because Life Was Meant For Headphones

K Breaks - Chemical Illin'

Ken Smith - Demos

Kinverji - Butterflies

Lucifers Cute Little Kitten

Mantis Shuffle - Works By Ken Smith

Ser.aph & Zer0 Fidelity - Duets In Augmentation

Stratum Automata - Choir Anus
Stratum Automata - Short Shits
Stratum Automata - Short Shits 2, The Revenge
Stratum Automata - Fracture

Zer0 Fidelity - Deconstructure
Zer0 Fidelity - Eat My Liver
Zer0 Fidelity - Echo Kill Demos
Zer0 Fidelity - Echo Kill
Zer0 Fidelity - Mindmatter

Collected Zip


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man, i have SUCKED at this.

May. 9th, 2010 | 10:42 pm

so where was i last time?...

i'm living in a new place. i started a garden. i've been trying to expand my plans for my future, and trying to explore more of my self. this has happened in a few ways, and one of those might soon involve me buying a kayak. anyone reading this who wants to plan a trip with me let me know, because it would be very nice to spend some time with people.

other things have been happening.. i feel like my welcome in savannah is growing less every day. its not something that i can complain about. i've had a good long run here, but i don't know how much more this city has to offer me. i do need to sell or give away a bunch of things, so if anyone knows a person who;d be interested in buying a subaru forester for a good price, let me know.

aside from that, i've been slowly working on the plans to do another show whenever i can plan it.  also there is a project in the works to make a park out of an abandoned lot nearby the new house.

i do wish that things could be better,. i've often felt lonely or stressed, or just like i don't have a future anymore as of late. i don't know what to do about that too much right now, but i'm trying to keep myself hopeful and productive.

i'll be merging this blog with my official website blog soon enough, whether it is on here or somewhere else i don't know yet.

either way, i hope everyone who still reads this is doing well.

have some free albums

some stuff that sounds like a mix of  idm and psychedelic rock

a band that has a more polished animal collective - like sound

a band that has a kinda funky pheonix sound

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Coming Togetherness

Mar. 18th, 2010 | 10:21 pm

So I decided that working on a treat for all the people who couldn't come to my show in person. its still just a bit glitchy, but next time i think I'll be a little more prepared for making a good walkthrough.

the bigger one can be found here.

it'd be best enjoyed while listening to this free album


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i watch tv shows now.. Who knew.

Mar. 14th, 2010 | 11:34 am

so i've been working on the computer while watching the backlog of episodes from numb3rs. it made me think a little bit about what things i liked about the show and i think i've come up with a decision.

my favorite part of the show, the best character, the strongest set. they're all the same

the house is the best thing about the show.

now i love the show for the nerd aspect. its been on for a while and i'm pretty surprised by the quality of the story arc that seems to have been rolling for a 5 year period. (i only hope that fringe can keep up that sort of quality without losing sight of its main goal {it already started to}) but the show has helped to prove to me that the quality of a well designed space is not always the pre-destined function of a room, but its surplus functions.

when you put a stairwell in a house you know it will be used to climb to a higher level or lower one. what you cant truly expect is how often people will sit on those steps and chat with one another. when you have a porch on your house, you have no way of knowing as the designer excatly how much time will be spent there, be it a front or back porch. that doesn't say if it will become a garden or a secondary (or hell, maybe a preferred) living room. it says almost nothing about he quality of the climate or the atmosphere or ambiance of the surroundings.

what i'm getting at is that the spaces in the show focused on the house show a type of use of a house that i think i would love to explore. the ideal of helping research what the plans of a designer result in when the designer focuses on the utility of the spatial design.

oh yeah, and also. i'm a big fuckin nerd.

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not i, not i.

Mar. 7th, 2010 | 11:15 am

there are many things that happen, which i cannot explain
and there are a few changes as lives unfold that wouldn't tell of your plans

i had an art show. my first. it was interesting and i planned to get a compilation of all the pictures of the pieces and their counterparts of the gallery.

i've been tired. i've moved apartments and set up and taken down a show and explored some really amazing spaces. the documentation is all there.. i just need time to get it out.

billie and i separated.

i feel a change coming on in me. certain things are starting to burn more clearly in my head, and some ideas that i've talked about before might be part of a new direction i see.

but who can know the where and when, who can know the cards they've been dealt, before the hand is cast?

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Jan. 26th, 2010 | 09:27 pm

okay so i have been absent some time here. for good reason though. i'm going through a bit of personal changes and planning a move to a new apartment, but hey. lets talk about my first gallery show ever!

so to start, its a solo show. and i've got like 20 pieces in it. i'm stressed and not getting much done at the moment. but i should be able to make stride framing the pieces starting tomorrow.

if you are able to come then its on bay street in savannah ga, next to the outback steakhouse. if you cant come, i'll be getting a treat together for you hopefully .

ok back to the crazy.

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movie on street art

Oct. 3rd, 2009 | 09:18 pm


worth watching

i'm working on tattoo designs, and trying to plan out my trip north and west and figuring out about getting my new car.

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(no subject)

Sep. 7th, 2009 | 04:25 pm

So some black kids were throwing rocks and other various things at my door. Pretty sure that I heard one of those kids yell "cracker".

They live three apartments down from me. when i say kids, i mean they are under 10, possibly under 8.

i stopped the group of them and then told them that i wanted them to take me to their parents, and I'd follow them until they took me there. the oldest kid tried to take me to another parents house, but then his dad called him back to my apartment complex. and I spoke with him for a minute, and he walked the other kids home.

You know, it's shit like this that makes me sad about racism and poverty. These are the kids I always see playing around outside, digging in the ground, or doing various things. I wave at them, and say hello, but they never say anything back. I don't know what else there really is.

now i feel shitty.

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insert interesting title about augmented reality here

Sep. 6th, 2009 | 07:54 pm

I've been thinking about augmented reality in terms of cities and I started to cosider the fact that perhaps street art and advertisements could be considered as the analog versions of that.

So I started to prod through ideas that seemed to work around the forms of augmenting the landscape with technology, and see how many brush with “The Cloud” systems.

Note that i'm skipping great swaths of other topics and commercial AR. I can't really say good or bad, i'm too dazzled by socialized tech, so for the most part i'm staying with diy.



this one is straight analog, but brilliant. You use celophane sheets to cover an area to paint on, that way you really arent damaging anything. You can make them in spaces that would be open, and then you alter your surroundings in a neat way. Could make a pretty awesoem haunted house.


videos created on train tunnel walls by a parasitic device made to sucker on the side of the train.



this was meant as an alternative to pirate radio, the idea is that you get in much less trouble by making an online redio station and stenciling a QR code link to it around town than you ever would if the british authorities caught you with a pirate radio station,



on that subject I just wanted to throw out there a little bit about art and QR codes mixing. Paintings, patches, etc.


then theres the bocode


this one interested me because it's an obvious example of something changing the landscape, a laser wall made to fence in the pedestrian walkway. Savannah needs this because every asshole in a car just drives through even when youre walking there.


this one I think works wonders for this topic, and it happened in the midst of this week. A video and audio embedded into a magazine page. If you can have it on one paper, imagine where all you could put it and how long it could do whatever you asked. Its essentially a very simplistic microPC left in a paper, at a price low enough that pepsi would front the cash for the lot of them.


this talks a bit more about the ideas that i'm sliding into next


early forms of laser and light based building graffiti.


wired did a write up on more that you could look into if the subject interests you.



nawlz is a futuristic comic. Its all online and its flash based. I love it. It touches these topics and blends them to a really interesting vision of a not terribly distant future.


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